Climate Smart Agriculture Summit

Climate Smart Agriculture will unite over 300 key UN Agencies, NGOS, Investors, Donors, Government Officials, Agricultural Associations and the private sector to explore policy updates, best practice and innovations for CSA in Africa. Through providing the insight of key decision makers and influencers, and offering valuable networking opportunities, the forum will help mobilise the necessary resources and networks to fast-track Africa climate resilient strategy to agriculture.

Why now, Why Africa?

• Food demand will increase by over 60% by 2050.

• The Agricultural industry is the second largest contributor to global emissions, but the most vulnerable sector to Climate Change

• African countries are disproportionally affected by the effects of climate change

• By 2080, due to climate change, it is likely that 75% of the African population will be at risk of hunger

• Six million smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa will be empowered by 2021 through Climate Smart Agriculture practices, approaches and systems.

Why Climate-Smart?

CSA addresses the relationship between agriculture and poverty and climate change and agriculture. CSA opens up new funding opportunities for agricultural development, by allowing the sector to tap into climate finance for adaptation and mitigation.


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