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Meet the Louisiana Whooping Crane Class of 2022

The 2022 nesting season for Louisiana’s Whooping Cranes was its most successful so far with eight of 15 chicks surviving to fledge. Four chicks fledged from marshes at the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area – a population first and important milestone. Two of the fledglings at White Lake became Louisiana’s third set of generally rare Whooping Crane “twins,” with both siblings surviving. This year’s successes bring the population total up to 76 ...


Less than four days to start the 2022 edition of the ASviS's Sustainable Development Festival from 4 to 20 October throughout Italy, online and abroad. Also this year the Festival will take place in autumn, to maintain continuity with previous editions and to include the presentation of the ASviS Annual Report "Italy and the Sustainable Development Goals". The Festival raises awareness every year among increasingly large sections of the population on the issues of econom...

Mother Earth CDMX Summit

Earth Law Center Mexico and the Transdisciplinary Center for Sustainability (CENTRUS) at Universidad Iberoamericana are organizing the Mother Earth CDMX Summit to be celebrated from the 26th to the 28th of October. The summit will focus on the recognition and implementation of the Rights of Nature as a manifestation of the Rule of Law, using the impact of environmental education in Mexico as a guiding axis, and will count on important leaders, such as International River...

Solar power beats Hydro

On September 20, energy experts from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) with support from International Rivers released a new study entitled, “The feasibility of solar PV to replace the Koukoutamba hydropower plant in Guinea – a quantitative study”. This study explores the feasibility of renewable energy alternatives to building the proposed Koukoutamba dam on the Bafing River, a tributary of the Senegal River, on a remote stretch of the Fouta Djallon highlands in Gu...

The Great Midwest Crane Fest

Great Midwest Crane Fest – Celebrating Community and Conservation in Baraboo, Wisconsin, from November 10 to 12, 2022, as thousands of Sandhill Cranes gather near the Wisconsin River before flying south for the winter. Witness the marvel of Wisconsin’s largest crane congregation and participate in guided crane-viewing tours, photography workshops, conservation-related lectures and extraordinary events. Explore the beautiful landscapes and rich...

A Better Future for Youth in Cambodia

Cambodian youth (those aged 15 to 30) make up about 30% of the country’s population. Most of this group end up working in jobs that are dangerous, exploitative, or simply not aligned with their skills. With little to no access to information about the job market or appropriate career guidance counselling, they usually make wrong decisions and end up as an obsolete resource in the labour market. Based in Siem Reap, the Better Futures Programme supports Cambodian youth w...

AIDEX 2022 - The world’s leading humanitarian aid and disaster relief event returns on 16-17 November at Brussels Expo

War, Refugees, Climate Emergency and a Pandemic - the list goes on and with a steady stream of new disasters, pressure on the aid sector has never been higher. How can aid organisations handle such a multitude of crises, all at the same time? The world’s leading humanitarian aid and disaster relief event - AidEx is featuring high-level conference sessions, workshops, discussion groups, impact sessions, training programmes geared to solving the challenges in aid and rel...