About us

IACACT, International Association of Communication Activists, is an international non-profit organization, headquartered in Italy. Founded in 2012 by young members from all over the world, who have voluntarily come together to share their international expertise gained in institutional, private, media, academic and non-profit sectors over the years.

Despite cultural differences, IACACT members are passionate about building a better society, based on the values ​​of social economy, human rights and solidarity, understanding and dialogue among people, equal opportunities and active citizenship, the eco-sustainable lifestyles and respect for the environment.

To achieve these messages we believe it is important to develop and sustain communication free from either purely market or consumer based interests: it is important that every person is engaged, moving from spectator to social actor, becoming a witness of the experiences and values ​​for which he/she undertakes.


Our mission is intended to assist, develop and support the communication of small non-profit organizations which operate in different areas of the society. Our goal is to build an effective partnership between the world of communication and NGOs and to strengthen awareness of the messages reported by voluntary organizations about issues or problems of public interest. IACACT aims to give visibility to the world of the non-profit sector and further develop the concepts of promoting social responsibility, education and action.

How we work

IACACT will support the work of NGOs and all non-profit sector by establishing social communication based projects that will uniquely be supported by experts and professionals of communication. Through volunteering, students, professionals and supporters of communication lend their expertise to non-governmental organizations. Through the international non-profit organizations’ networks, the Association provides the opportunity for people of different nationalities to be able to have an experience on site and therey aims to enrich their personal and professional growth.

Where we work

IACACT is an international association operating throughout the world, in partnership with non-governmental organizations, non-profit associations and foundations which work on environment, art and culture, bilateral exchanges, festivals, school-support, social, assistance for the disabled, sporting projects amongst a few.