22.92 – Conservation Project

Biodiversity is the great variety of animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms that make up our planet. A multiplicity of species and organisms which, in relation to each other, create a fundamental balance for life on Earth. Indeed, biodiversity guarantees food, clean water, safe shelters and resources, which are essential for our survival: due to human activities ecosystems are in danger. During these hard times we believe that working together for our planet can not stop: 22.92 is the IACACT Biodiversity innovative project dedicated to conservation for schools and supporters. 

22.92 takes its name from the Convention on Biological Diversity, the international treaty adopted in Nairobi (Kenya) on May 22 of 1992, in order to protect biological diversity, the sustainable use of its elements and the fair distribution of the benefits deriving from exploitation of genetic resources. 

22.92 mission is to raise awareness, create dialogue and establish partnership through online classes, 2.0 workshops and webinar in order to share useful information to foster proactive behaviors and practice on topics like species, habitat, landscape, protected areas, genetic resources, agriculture, forests, inland waters, marine environment and more. Get in touch with our team at [email protected] and let’s start to work together!