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  • Nuevos registros del Mono Araña del Magdalena en la Reserva Natural de las Aves Chamicero del Perijá

    La Fundación ProAves de Colombia informa que el día 13 de noviembre del presente año, se realizó el registro en vídeo de 2 individuos de la especie Mono Araña o Marimonda del Magdalena   (Ateles hybridus) en los bosques de la parte baja de la Reserva Natural de las Aves Chamicero del Perijá. Área protegida en uno de los sitios más frágiles e importantes de Colombia, la Serranía del Perijá, hábitat de un gran número de especies animales y vegetales únicas como esta enigmática especie de primate.
    El registro audiovisual fue realizado por Luis Felipe Barrera, director de Conservación y Áreas Protegidas de la Fundación ProAves de Colombia y por Raul Andres Becerra, guardabosques de la reserva. Se grabó el material a las 08: 30 a.m. (hora local),  en el cual se puede observar a un macho y una hembra desplazándose por las copas de los árboles en un relicto de bosque sobre los 2.370 msnm. Al mismo tiempo, durante la filmación se logró captar a los mismos individuos acicalándose y en búsqueda de alimento.
  • Health & Wash in sub-saharan Africa

    Aid and International Development Forum has released an infographic on key challenges and health threats in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The infographic provides a snapshot of the current health & WASH situation, communicable diseases, child health and vaccination as well as trends in financing and development assistance.

    There is a significant gap between SSA and the rest of the world in regards to water security. At present there are 319 million people without access to reliable drinking water sources in the region.

    Communicable diseases remain a major public health challenge in SSA, causing a significant burden of illness, disability and mortality.

    SSA continues to fall behind global standards in regards to health services. While the WHO recommends 23 doctors per 10,000 population, in Kenya there is only one doctor per 10,000 people and in Ethiopia and Tanzania figures are even less.

    Download the infographic now to gain an insight into the recent improvements as well as areas which limit SSA progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.


    The infographic was created in partnership with B Medical Systems, leading provider of innovative refrigeration and storage solutions for safe transport and management of blood products and vaccines.

  • Extinction: does it get any scarier?

    What's scarier than the goriest slasher film? How about a stuffed tiger fetus? Or what about 45,000 dead seahorses - dried, wrapped in plastic and sitting in a cavernous warehouse full of seized illegal wildlife products? 

    Frighteningly enough, both - and even worse - can be found at the National Wildlife Property Repository, located just outside of Denver.

    Coleen Schaefer, Supervisory Wildlife Repository Specialist, runs the repository for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, providing tours to bring to light the grim reality of the thousands of animal products trafficked in the US every year. Recently, she gave WildAid a behind-the-scenes look.

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  • Aid & Development Africa Summit 2017

    The Aid & International Development Forum would like to announce that the 2nd annual Aid & Development Africa Summit will be held in Nairobi, Kenya at Safari Park Hotel on the 28th February - 1st March 2017.

    The Aid & Development Africa Summit 2017 unites regional and global expertise offering a unique opportunity for cross-sector engagement between UN and government agencies, NGOs, donors and the private sector.

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  • Announcing a New Film About Dams in the Amazon

    November 2016 launch of "Belo Monte: After the Flood," a new film directed by award-winning environmental documentarian Todd Southgate, and produced with International RiversAmazon Watch and Cultures of Resistance. The film explores the history and consequences of one of the world's most controversial dam projects, built on the Xingu River in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. 

    Though Belo Monte's first turbines became operational in 2016, "Belo Monte: After the Flood" also highlights that the struggle for justice and accountability for crimes committed by dam builders continues, and the fact that the Amazon faces more dam threats similar to Belo Monte.  

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  • United Nations Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

    From sensing, finance, medicine, transportation and security, a technological revolution is taking place. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a feature of science fiction for almost a century, but it is only in more recent years that the prospect of autonomous robotics and artificially intelligent systems has really become viable. While this will potentially provide great opportunities, these developments are likely to have significant impacts upon the very functioning of society, posing practical, ethical, legal and security challenges - much of which is as of yet not fully appreciated or understood. 

    In order to deepen the understanding of both the risks and benefits associated with these technological advances, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) organizes a workshop in collaboration with and hosted by the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. The workshop is tailored for media and public information professionals, as well as other professionals, including those from the security field seeking to specialize in this increasingly relevant sector.

    The media and other sources of public information in particular are central in ensuring that citizens and institutions have a realistic and balanced understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence. The media can contribute to shaping a culture of collective responsibility that will support the development and use of these technologies according to stringent values and principles.

    This workshop, which will take place from 6-7 February 2017 at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, will seek to deepen knowledge of the risks and benefits associated with such technological advances across a broad range of potential applications, from day-to-day life and to conflict situations. Workshop participants will engage in a series of brainstorming sessions and practical exercises with renowned engineers, policy makers and academics including eminent professors of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, expanding their professional network in a select, international environment.

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  • GoHumans.News: A News Website Focusing Only On Positive News

    Today, a new approach for delivering and sharing positive news is launched to create an oasis of positive and informative news so people can get inspired on a daily basis to do their best in the name of humanity, focused on the individual and show that humanity in general can do good things and walk on the positive side of the road too.

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  • AidEx 2016 - 16/17 November

    AidEx is a two day event, which encompasses a conference, exhibition, meeting areas, awards and workshops. Its fundamental aim is to engage the sector at every level and provide a forum for aid & development professionals to meet, source, supply and learn.

    AidEx was created to help the international aid and development community engage the private sector in a neutral setting, drive innovation and support the ever-growing need for emergency aid and development programmes.

    Why AidEx?

    AidEx is a unique, world-renowned event that works hard to genuinely improve the situation on the ground.  Our aim is to bring the international aid community to Brussels. From major NGOs and global policy makers through to innovative suppliers of specialist products, AidEx facilitates relationships that would be otherwise unachievable.

    The two-day programme of events has been specially designed with networking in mind. The drinks reception, exhibition tours and other organised activities encourage our audience to build long-lasting relationships that will enrich their future in the sector.

    Theme for 2016

    Each year the AidEx Steering Committee discuss a topic that the event should focus on to make sure it remains current and delivers what our visitors and suppliers need. The conference theme for 2016 will be 'Localisation' - discussions will include ways the not-for-profit sector and commercial organisations can benefit from localising aid, the risks involved and both the short and long term effects of localisation.

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