A trip to UN Youth Summit,New York

Growing up in fishing and a rural community in Elmina, I have loved traveling and reading about other culture since I was a little boy. Sitting at the beaches in Elmina  and reading about people who lived all over the globe and made difference in the life of the underserved in society  instilled in me a respect for diversity and a burning desire to lead and advocate for the underserved on this planet, Earth. 
I have been concerned with the vulnerability of youths in Ghana, Africa and the World at large. My quest to make Ghana, Africa and the World at large a better place leads to the formation of KIRC Foundation a non for profit organization here in Ghana. I have made tremendous contribution in the lives of Children, Youths and the underserved in Ghana, Africa and the World at large.

Through my NGO, I have found way to give education on Sexual Health, Reproductive Health and Human Right through the Culture for Development and Soccer for Development project and made the rural people and the youths (male and female) well informed about their right and have acquired the skill to claim the right from duty bearers and power sources whenever the need arises.
Due to my good work, I have been offered a position on the forthcoming Program: The Annual Summit on Youth in the United Nations " The 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the UN: Developing Youth Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Economies, Cultural Understanding, and Global Human Rights" (New York City; September 21st - 26th, 2015).   
I was thrilled when I discovered that the youth summit was my chance for leadership training, Friendship and network building and instruction from leading voices of political, economic, Science and Social justice on topics of the eight UN Millennium Development Goal all at the United Nation headquarters in New York City. That was a moment however when  I realized that the program wasn’t for free even for the most impressive participant like me.There was perhaps a sinking feeling in my stomach and the thought “It is impossible for me to go “ Hopefully two friends Amber and Brain all in United Stated of America recommended GOFUNDME.COM to me.
My not-for-profit organization in Ghana has no core funding or endowment. I have covered the application processing fee of $400 myself and have been accepted. I still need to cover my airfare and conference parkeges.Would you be willing to support my effect to attend the Youth conference in September 2015 and apply the experience back home in Ghana and Africa at Large with a donation of $10 or more.
Thank you very much for your time. I hope you consider supporting me and the Youth Assembly. Have a great summer and hope to hear from you soon.
Visit this website for information about the UN Summit:  www.cross-continental-youth-summit.org