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Please fasten your safety belts

It will not have escaped anyone’s attention that North Africa is going through significant turmoil at the moment. Turbulence that often dramatically upsets society and which also impacts heavily on our ability to carry out our conservation mission.


Reflections on Sumatra

My two week trip ends tomorrow (Sunday). I’ve had a wonderful trip. A rollarcoster of a journey both physical and emotional. The scale of the issues in Sumatra have overwhelmed me, to read about them is one thing but to be here and see them is another thing. I love wildlife thats what I do and love, capture nature’s beauty. I have seen things here that have upset me, angered me and my only way to help these voiceless animals is to show the world my images and with the help of SOS that’s what I intend on doing.


The road to conflict transformation in Lebanon

Beirut - The recent violence between political parties – some of them affiliated with different religious sects – in Tripoli and Beirut has made headlines, and shows the degree to which political conflicts in Lebanon remain a potent social problem.
Lebanon is composed of 18 religious communities, and all too often, politicians use religion to keep people divided, and differences between different religious and political interests cause tensions.