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Indigenous People Confront Industry on Sarawak Dams by Zachary Hurwitz and Kirk Herbertson

The Malaysian state of Sarawak, located on the island of Borneo, is rich with tropical forests bisected by powerful rivers. Five years ago, Sarawak’s authoritarian ruler Abdul Taib Mahmud announced that he will “transform Sarawak into a developed state” by building 12 large dams, mostly to power neighboring states. The forests are home to tens of thousands of indigenous people who have suffered human rights abuses for decades as Taib’s government has seized native lands for the benefit of his family’s timber and palm oil companies.


Thai Dam-Affected Villagers Demand Fair Compensation by David J.H. Blake

Decades after several large dams were built in the lower Mun River Basin in northeastern Thailand, affected villagers continue to organize protest camps near the dam sites to demand just compensation for lost land and livelihoods. For years, people displaced by dams built on Mekong tributaries have organized protests, but some have recently stepped up their campaigns for justice. In fact, across Thailand, dam projects have long been resisted by peoples' movements demanding their rights to land, access to water and sustainable livelihoods.


Integrating the Sustainable development of the community of Aten with the conservation of the Bolivian endemic and endangered Palkachupa Cotinga

PROJECT PERIOD: February 2013 to January 2014

PROJECT AREA: The highly threatened Bolivian Andean Cerrado within the indigenous land of the Aten community, area of Apolo, department La Paz, Bolivia.