The wetlands of Sub-Saharan Africa are home to six of the world’s 15 species of cranes, including resident Grey Crowned, Black Crowned, Wattled and Blue Cranes, and wintering Demoiselle and Eurasian Cranes. These iconic cranes face many threats, fueled by growing demands for land, water, energy and other natural resources throughout Africa. In order to protect the cranes of Sub-Saharan Africa, International Crane Foundation will address large-scale threats that will ultimately benefit far more than cranes, including local communities, economies and other species. In close collaboration with its regional partner, the Endangered Wildlife Trust, their work includes:

  • Reducing the impact of global trade on all African crane species
  • Restoring large floodplains that sustain Wattled Cranes in Southern Africa, and isolated populations in Ethiopia and South Africa
  • Engaging communities in the conservation of Grey Crowned Cranes and their wetland habitats across East and Southern Africa
  • Conserving Blue Cranes on agricultural landscapes in South Africa
  • Understanding and managing Black Crowned Cranes on their breeding grounds in West and Central Africa

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Luca Concordia

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