Mongolia Protects White-naped Crane Breeding Area

Mongolia Protects White-naped Crane Breeding Area

The Government of Mongolia recently designated core breeding habitat for White-naped Cranes as a national-level nature reserve, a vital step in increasing reproduction in the rapidly-declining Western population of this threatened species.

The Khurkh-Khuiten River Valleys (KKRV) in Northeast Mongolia is a diverse ecosystem supporting a mix of grasslands and wetlands that provide a haven for the world’s most important breeding concentration of Vulnerable White-naped Cranes.The International Crane Foundation, working closely with its partner, the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center (WSCC) of Mongolia, has been supporting research, monitoring and conservation of cranes and wetlands in KKRV since 2013, with a focus on White-naped Cranes that nest in the wetlands scattered through the area.

Experts from the U.S. Forest Service have provided valuable capacity training on rangeland management, socio-economic survey and the complex hydrology of the valleys, including the impact of permafrost melting on the wetlands as a result of climate change.

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