Nubian Giraffe Conservation in Uganda

Uganda is home to one of the most threatened subspecies of giraffe: the Nubian giraffeOnce free ranging across western Kenya, western Ethiopia, southern South Sudan and Uganda, the Nubian giraffe has been largely eliminated from much of its former range. GCF and UWA’s collaborative effort to conserve giraffe in Uganda is guided by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed by both parties in 2014 to formalise this important partnership. As part of this partnership, the National Giraffe Conservation Strategy & Action Plan for Uganda (2020-2030) was developed to identify conservation priorities. Nubian giraffe conservation in Uganda is an important programme for GCF and we are currently focusing on three national parks that host giraffe, namely Murchison Falls (northern and southern bank), Kidepo Valley and Lake Mburo National Parks, as well Pian Upe Game Reserve, where giraffe were reintroduced in 2019.

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