Child’s Dream: Improving Sustainability Through Agroecology

The 80% of Laotians live by slash-and-burn farming–a significant source of carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. Slash-and-burn also causes long-term deforestation, which threatens local biodiversity. In mid-2020, Child’s Dream began supporting Pha Tad Ke (PTK) Vocational Centre in Luang Prabang Province, northern Laos. PTK creates training materials, conducts training, holds open house events, and develops research projects around the themes of biodiversity conservation, ecologically-based agriculture, responsible social leadership, and cultural awareness. PTK runs workshops for farmers on upland farming, permaculture techniques, and biodiversity conservation. PTK also runs workshops for primary school teachers about how to set up community gardens and provide seed boxes to get them started. PTK believes that Laotians must be aware of biodiversity conservation and ecologically-based agriculture in order to make positive changes in their community.

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