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Global Friends is a not for profit organization founded in 1997 with the primary objective to work for the rights of women and children, social justice, empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable people and mitigation of conflicts through development. Legally registered under Pakistan Societies Act 1860 with Joint Stock Registrar of Azad Kashmir Government, the organization is striving hard to create opportunities for women, men, children and young to achieve their full potential for progress and prosperity of their respective communities.  Since its establishment GF has been actively involved in the welfare of rural population with primary focus on women folks to empower them for their basic rights, social justice, and poverty alleviation as well as promoting and supporting local community organizations to manage development projects. GF as a local organization aims to create awareness among the local masses for their basic rights through social mobilization and community organization to enhance their capacities and address vulnerabilities of resources in AJK.  With 10 Years experience of implementing Socio- economic developmental projects GF's mission is to give voice to the voiceless by creating awareness about their rights & duties and serving the underprivileged of the society to create opportunities that lead to socio-economic uplift of them at individual and societal level. GF vision is to see emergence of a thriving democratic, free and accountable society where people enjoy their political social, economic and religious rights without any prejudice or discrimination.  We envision a society where social justice and equal opportunities are guaranteed to all and where people meet their personal goals and respond to community needs.


  • To inform and educate individual and communities about successful governance  models/systems that took many nations to progress and prosperity.
  • To promote peace, tolerance and understanding as a way of life and to discourage all kind of  prejudices and tendencies of extremism and bigotry that is harmful for a society and future of  our generations.
  • To teach our children and young people how to have hope for peaceful and prosperous future. 
  • To enhance socio-economic development of societies by providing information on heath,  education, environment and development by using modern communication sources like internet, mobile phone technology and effective print and electronic media.
  • To build capacity of the socially and economically and politically vulnerable communities to sustain positive behavior change.
  • To create, promote and support effective and disciplined community women and men organizations to manage rural development.
  • To serve as a flexible catalyst, to assist in the identification of opportunities, to promote equitable and sustainable development patterns among women in the rural areas of AJK and  in drawing in the resources (technical assistance, financial support, training, infrastructural  development etc.), to enable them to make full use of these opportunities. 
  • To act as a training organization to provide a wide range of local skills to include women folk  in the main stream of development process in the managerial  and practical subjects. The  purpose of this training is to increase the capacity of women to manage more effectively their resources of sustainable and productive development. 
  • To work to link Women Organizations with government agencies, NGOs, Donors, and private  businesses that can provide services (extension, training, marketing, finance, etc) to support  rural women & men in development activities.


  • Women Empowerment. Women make more than half of Bulandi welfare and Educational Society,s target population and visible majority of the poor. Women either solely or largely support an increasing number of families. Development projects that are meant to improve common man’s living conditions cannot be effective until women actively participate in them and benefit from them. Bulandi Welfare and Educational Society encourages women to bring their leadership qualities, knowledge and skills into the development agenda through this participatory approach.
  • Water Supply and Sanitation. Water is the basic need of life. With out water we cannot survive. The major cause of diseases in rural area using unsafe water. In the rural community lake of information about sanitation. Global Friends stared a awareness program about water and sanitation in Kotla valley District Muzaffarabad.
  • Livelihood. Kotla Valley is a highly vulnerable in terms of food security. Difficult terrain, low household landholding with much less cultivable lands, poor hydro-physical properties of the soil leading to poor soil water retention, absence of formal irrigation system, high soil loss, poor livestock and natural resource management practices, and other sociopolitical situation in the areas have been threatening the livelihood system year after year, thus leading to food insecurity problem for underprivileged sections of society. The poor economic situation of the rural populations has also led to heavy destruction and degradation of tropical forests by the local community for meeting their livelihood needs.
  • Community Mobilization. The primary goal of the Social Mobilization Programme is to enhance the institutional capacity of communities to implement and manage development programmes through participatory approach to serve as agents of lasting change. To achieve this goal, communities are mobilized to form village committees at the grassroots level. To date, Global Friends has facilitated the formation and strengthening the village organizations, volunteer groups and school management committees in District Bagh and Muzaffarabad.
  • Infrastructure Development. Even with ideal policies, the dream of alleviating poverty cannot be realized until there is proper investment in physical infrastructure. Efficient and adequate rural infrastructure reduces agricultural production costs, bring people closer to the market and opportunities, and intensify economic activities of the rural population contributing to improving rural livelihoods. Rural infrastructure development constitutes a substantial component of Global Friends activities. Global Friends planning for infrastructure development is again participatory involving the target community to identify real development needs and taking responsibility for their own future.

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