FundaOGI´s mandate is to empower youth to engage in community building, dialogue, and democratic processes. The organization develops and implements educational youth programming that focuses on the four core themes of Human Rights, Environment, Collaborative Leadership, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Projects are designed with the goal to increase youth capacity to transform knowledge into creative youth action projects that promote social change in their own lives and communities. FundaOGI works both locally and internationally to promote human rights and youth action. In only three years, the foundation has grown to host 64 volunteers, from 18 countries around the world, and is achieving visible results in the area of youth engagement without having received even a single penny of government or private funding.

The foundation, born out of a passion for responsible citizenship and social justice, aspires to consolidate a regional center where youth are informed, engaged and actively promoting human rights work in their communities, and where the spirit of volunteerism serves as a pillar of democracy.


- Environmental Health Education: This program includes the creation of various modules that drive awareness of the population, especially youth groups, on issues related to conservation and control of environmental factors, and the importance in the improving the quality of life of people and in context.
- Environmental Health Research: Define a research on health and environmental issues, which produce results that could constitute the creation of new projects.
- Services and consultancy in Environmental Health: Offer services in the area of environmental health and environmental management plans (Integrated Waste Management Solid and Liquid, Health, Emergency Planning, etc.). It promotes the participation of those involved in the process of the various services.
- NFE: Presenting information in unconventional ways, such as videos, multimedia, group dynamics / games, among others.
- Lots of energy and Bootstrap:Facilitating learning through dynamic which will turn doing, assimilation and active learning.
- Active Learning: Democratic participation, encouraging youth prior experience, different perspectives and ideas to solve problems.
- Critical Thinking: Encouraging young people to have a critical view of the prospects, wondering about their contexts, situations influences, among others.
- Connection between the local and the global: Learning global affairs through simulations that reflect local realities.
- From Dialogue to Action: Inspiring young people, seeing themselves capable of generating a change affecting their communities. Empowering young people to become aware of the resources they have on hand in their daily lives, their skills and passions.
- Collective and participatory methodology for searching and proposals: Through dialogue youth discover together, they can find solutions to their problems based on their previous experience and perspectives as young.
Through the Volunteer Program, the organization aims to achieve the following objectives:
- Promote voluntary participation in various ways while attempting by the same equality and gender equity.
- To emphasize respect for the environment and its preservation through voluntary practices, encouraging participation and creating projects on the topic.
- Strengthen the foundation structure to channel voluntary actions that contribute to achieving the objectives in favor of vulnerable communities and, in turn, allows them to personal and professional growth.
- Achieve volunteers awareness regarding ESCR (Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).
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