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Foundation 10.12.48 is a non-profit organization that works to raise, protect and defend human rights. Fundamentally, we use any art form, as a means of expression and communication, to reflect any act of injustice and all forms of abuse to human dignity. We believe that  all forms of art including film, photography, music, theatre, painting, sculpture, and architecture as well as cultural and development cooperation contribute to build peace, to fight against poverty and to achieve sustainable development.  In addition to Spain, the Foundation 10.12.48 aims to develop activities anywhere in the world where the defence, protection and promotion of human rights are needed. Beneficiaries of the actions of the Foundation 10.12.48 will be those who suffer violation of their rights, or any form of physical or mental aggression, and also the general population, who will benefit from projects that involve social awareness and education for development. Foundation 10.12.48 is a non-profit organization that adopted its name in commemoration of the date of approval of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1948 in Paris. In this historic act, the Assembly proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a standard by which all peoples and all nations, so that both individuals and society, keep this Declaration constantly in mind, promote respect for these rights and freedoms and, by progressive national and international measures, its recognition as universal and effective application. The aims of the 10.12.48 Foundation shall be achieved through  training and awareness projects such as meetings, conferences, courses, campaigns, production of documentaries, festivals, debates, exhibitions, competitions and competitions and implementing of international aid programs, guaranteeing quality, efficiency and accountability.


a) To defend, protect and promote human rights and dignity of all people.

b) Reduce injustice and fight the causes of poverty, not only its consequences, so all human beings can fully exercise their rights and enjoy a decent life.

e) Reset the rights and promote safe and durable solutions by peaceful means, in situations of persecution, emergency, natural disaster or civil conflict.

f) Educate on human rights, and denounce and mobilize society to become aware and act against injustice, especially against rights violations that cause or exacerbate poverty.

g) Promote respect for cultural diversity, integration and rapprochement of cultures, countries, races or religions, for the defense and promotion of Human Rights and Peace building.

h) Promote values and attitudes towards social change, based on criteria for justice, peace, equality, democracy, solidarity and environment protection.



  • The Latino Short Film Festival of New York: Corto Circuito was formed to showcase short films made by filmmakers from and about Latin America, Spain and the United States. The festival is unique in its mission to promote a wider and deeper understanding of the roots, life and diverse cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities.
  • International short film competition 1 of 7 billion: There are problems that can, and must, be solved. As an individual, you can play a key role in creating a sustainable world characterized by balance and peace. You are part of a big, interconnected community where actions taken in one country or region can have an immediate impact on the other parts of the globe. Act now and make a video! The competition will accept audiovisual works in any digital format. Create a short film (10 minutes or less in length) inspired by one of the seven key issues of the 7 Billion Actions and stand a chance to win $ 4.000. For more information on how to participate:
  • International Congress on Arts and Human Rights: On 10 December 1948, the international community committed itself to defending dignity and justice for all human beings. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights  is the first universal recognition that basic rights and fundamental freedom belong to all people and are inalienable, and that all we are born free and equal in rights and obligations, regardless of nationality, place of residence, gender, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language or other status. However, despite being translated to more than 360 languages and more than sixty years after its approval, the achievement of universality of Human Rights remains elusive. The International Congress on Arts and Human Rights will take place next year in Valencia, Spain, and it will focus on the role of the Arts as instrument of defense and promotion of Human Rights.
  • Film and Human Rights-Photon Festival: Foundation 10.12.48 organizes all year long film festivals and seasons on human rights. In 2012, for the first time, Foundation 10.12.48 will take part in the second edition of PHOTON FESTIVAL organizing a film season about photojournalism and human rights.
  • Albino, under the shadow of the sun: Being different is always difficult, but being in the African continent can be quite a feat. In recent times, the dire situation of the albinos living in Tanzania has been unveiled to the world eyes. They are hunted down and mutilated by people due to cultural believes or superstition. In other places such as Senegal, albinos are persecuted or killed. However, there are other ways to despise and ignore albinos, humiliating them and denying them all the social opportunities. Thus, their life revolves around social exclusion and poverty. To alter this discrimination is difficult but not impossible. We must join them in raising their voices to renounce the situation as a first step in advancing social change. Foundation 10.12.48 will develop an international campaign to support one of the most vulnerable groups in Africa: albinos.


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