Fundación Al Verde Vivo

We are a non governamental organization (what a relief) dedicated to the recuperation of degraded and destroyed hydro territories due to society and its destructive actions. We are a few working for many. The organic structure of the foundation is composed in a horizontal system putting everyone working together as a team in the following areas: General Administration, Community environmental research and education, electronic media, reforestation and tree adoption, membership, environmental legislation, river ecotourism. Analysis of carbon emissions, carbon footprint, company staff, events and concerts; Art and Ecology “El Bosque Pintado”, “El agua pintada” (painted forest, painted water)  The forest adoption program from the Foundation has a main purpose: to recuperate the Bogotá river areas at its basin. The program has been articulated to the Kioto protocol politics in relation to weather changes, generating a bigger benefit when getting CO2 (green house effect) product from the industrial activities. In order to socialize that activity in your company we offer to give a conference to everybody who is interested, also an activity of planting some areas once the program has been approved with you. The conference won’t have a cost. The foundation will issue a donation certificate for tax exemption. Also the company can promote for the company’s employees adopt trees so they can compensate for their own emissions produced by their own transportation. This will have an economical benefit for the company and will raise consciousness and responsibility for their employees.

Forest adoption: to recuperate the river areas at the high basin from the forest and social point of view.


Specific objectives

  • To reforest with native species
  • To generate sensitivity in the community
  • To generate employment
  • To integrate and generate sensitivity to your employees in all environmental aspects.


What do we want to accomplish

  • We want you; we want your organization to be part of the Bogota river areas by adopting a forest. We want your brand or your company to be part of an important process of social and environmental responsibility


Benefits for your company

  • Employee’s integration
  • Branding, brand awareness, recordation
  • Sensitivity of your employees for the environment, and quality of life
  • Tributary benefits


Environmental and social benefits

  • Creation of a biological corridor
  • Local employment
  • Better quality of water
  • Better use of the soil
  • Fauna protection
  • Landscaping


Forest adoption

  • Adoption of one hectare
  • Adoption of 500, 200, or 100 trees


What we do

  • Identify native species
  • Landscaping
  • Planting, care and maintaining of the trees


Our commitment

  • To transport the trees to the planting area
  • Prepare the land for planting
  • Hire workers for planting
  • Planting the trees
  • Compounds
  • Maintaining the trees for a year
  • Tools for planting
  • Trees exchange


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