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Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring children to Bring Back the Wild™.  Our focus is to communicate to children a positive science – based message on the importance of protecting biodiversity and adopting more sustainable behaviours. Every year, we reach hundreds of thousands of children through our interactive live animal shows performed in school, at the Royal Ontario Museum and at community events. We also engage children through a national outreach campaign on YTV and via our online community of over 100,000 Earth Rangers. Through these programs, we are creating a generation of environmental stewards to help protect endangered species and their habitats.
Since 2001, Earth Rangers’ programs have promoted environmental awareness to over one million young people and their families. Whether you experience Earth Rangers at a special event, at school, online or at the Royal Ontario Museum, our goal is always to educate children (and their families) on the causes and effects of biodiversity loss and inspire everyone with the idea that we must all do our part to help Bring Back the Wild.
The Earth Rangers live show will take you on a journey to explore the wonders of our natural world that you won’t soon forget. Prepare to be amazed as Cosmo the Ring-Tailed Lemur; Sammy, the African Serval cat, or Timber, our American Pine Martin suddenly take centre stage. Our Animal Ambassadors really are the stars of our show. They help us establish a powerful connection between the audience and the natural world and demonstrate how people can take action in their every day lives to make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Our live shows also feature stunning high definition video, taking the audience on a trip around the world to meet and celebrate some of the planet’s most amazing creatures. From Africa to Europe, to right in your own back yard, these creatures have an important story to tell about the diversity of life on earth, and how human impact is affecting their natural ability to survive in the wilds. So prepare to be inspired AND reminded that we all need to do our part right now to help Bring Back the Wild.
  • Bring Back the Wild™ (BBtW) is an integrated education and action program all about biodiversity. The goal of BBtW is simple yet critical: To teach students about biodiversity loss in an engaging and interactive format and provide them with the tools to help animals at risk across Canada. The program has 3 key components:
  1. In school animal experience:Our dedicated team of Earth Rangers environmental educators uses the power of live animals in an assembly setting to connect children to the devastating effects of habitat degradation and loss on wild animals.
  2. In-class activities and curriculum-linked teaching resources:Building off of the key messages delivered in the assembly show, Earth Rangers has developed age appropriate in-class activities to bring the learning into the classroom in a fun and engaging way.
  3. Take action fundraising initiative:In collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Bring Back the Wild take action campaign is designed to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to help make a real difference in the crisis facing animals and their habitats. For more information please visit:
  • The most unique and exciting aspect of our live show program is our animal ambassadors. Research has shown that this is one of most powerful ways to connect kids with environmental issues. When children meet our Animal Ambassadors and hear stories of the threats facing their species, it inspires them to take action. A bond develops between the children and animals that cannot be replicated by television or video. Our Animal Ambassadors live permanently at the Earth Rangers Centre and are taken care of by our professionally trained Animal Care Team. We maintain a state of the art animal care facility that surpasses all CAZA and AZA standards. Each one is a vital member of the Earth Rangers family. To house, feed and care for our 39 Animal Ambassadors requires both the dedication of their trainers and caretakers and the generosity of our supporters. To help us care for these amazing creatures, Earth Rangers is looking for (individuals) to assist us by adopting an Animal Ambassador. By adopting one of our Animal Ambassadors, you will help Earth Rangers continue to provide them with the best available care. You will also ensure that these animals continue to teach and inspire children about the importance of protecting biodiversity.
  • Quickly becoming the most popular online environmental community for youth in Canada, provides kids with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make a measurable impact on the natural world. It’s easy for anyone to get discouraged about the state of our planet today, but there are also a lot of reasons to be hopeful. Our goal is to empower kids to make a difference while entertaining them in the process. Please visit:
  • The Earth Rangers Centre is an advanced green building, certified Gold under LEED for New Construction. The Centre was designed to embody Earth Rangers values, to show that we practice what we preach, and to act as an inspiration to everyone who walks through the doors. Located on the Kortright Living City Campus in Woodbridge, and home to the Earth Rangers Animal Ambassadors and staff, the Centre is a showcase of cutting edge building technology such as energy metering, smart automation and controls, innovative water and wastewater management, solar generation, green roofs, and geothermal heating and cooling. It is proof that a building can be operated effectively and efficiently, while minimizing impact to the environment.
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