Ecoprogreso Foundation

Ecoprogreso Foundation is a non profit organization that is established in 2008 with the need to restore and protect the mangrove ecosystem north of the city of Cartagena by inclusive sustainable development strategies. Besides the high environmental value of the coastal marine ecosystem, places like the Swamp Juan Polo are an important resource for the development of local people being this a space that can be leveraged to develop productive initiatives managed under clear guidelines for sustainability. However, the cutting of mangrove and wetland conversion to consolidated ground, threatening to reduce the opportunities of the ecosystem to many, to few opportunities to profit. We seriously threatened wetland and communities living in extreme poverty interact in a vicious circle where poverty leads to environmental degradation and this in turn leads to more poverty. This is why the Foundation Ecoprogreso initiatives proposed creating awareness, education, and training in sustainable productive projects that improve the relationship between vulnerable populations to their environment while promoting local development.

By 2020 the mangrove ecosystem of the Cienaga de la Virgen and Juan Polo is conserved and protected, providing sustainable income generating opportunities, and contributes to the preservation of the cultural identity of the communities surrounding amphibious.

The Foundation welcomes Ecoprogreso values ​​and ethics principles of the Earth Charter, namely:
Respect for nature and human rights:
-Respect Earth and life in all its diversity.
-Collaborate to all enjoy now and in the future of the beauty of the Earth.
-Protects and insofar as possible, to help restore the world.

Economic Justice, Social and Environmental:
-Ensure that economic activities promote human development and the preservation of nature.
-Promote gender equity, community participation and social inclusion.

A Culture of Peace:


Ecoprogreso Foundation works within four main areas to promote the conservation and preservation of the mangrove ecosystem:

1. - Thinking, Building and Planning Participatory: Workshops with the communities of The Mouthpiece, Villa Gloria Marlinda and construction strategies that promote participatory community development in harmony with the environment.
2. -Environmental Awareness: Sustainable Production Projects- Ethnic /Environmental Socialization
3. - Advocacy: To promote the commitment of government agencies for the recovery and preservation of mangrove ecosystem
4. - Strategic Alliances: Facilitate coordination and commitment of government and private entities for the mangrove ecosystem recovery and sustainable development of the surrounding communities


Dissemination of educational material
Celebrating Earth Day 2009
Children's Art Contest
Visit The Oceanarium and aviary Del Rosario Islands

Participation Uniandino XXV National Congress: Global warming and its impact on our shores. 2 to 4 October 2009. Hilton Cartagena Hotel.
International Day of Climate Action.
November 4: National Day of Climate Change.
December 15: Launch of the Youth Declaration of Cartagena on climate change.

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