Avanti Europe!

The European debt crisis is out of control. The whole European project is under pressure from financial markets. The Euro crisis is creating divisions that risk bringing down the European Union.

European economies are shrinking. One in every five young people is unemployed. An entire generation’s future is at risk.

EU governments have lost sight of the bigger picture and do not look beyond the next elections. Today, major European decisions are taken by heads of government behind closed doors

We, the people, are the European Union! Europe belongs to us. We cannot and will not allow Europe to be taken from us. We are grateful that our forebears dared to conceive of a different Europe with relations between countries based on the rule of law and not on the power politics that had previously led to war.

Avanti Europe ! was created by a group of concerned Europeans; our vision, commitments and objectives are spelled out in our manifesto.On our way we have gratefully received the support and enabling environment of several actors and organisations. Moreover, we will draw upon the experience of existing successful online campaigning platforms which have engaged millions of online users. The Avanti Board is a group of committed and motivated European citizens living and working in different countries across Europe. They provide the vision, leadership and experience to help guide and support Avanti Europe ! in its work.

We are convinced that our countries cannot deal with today’s challenges on their own. Stagnant economies, unemployment, unregulated financial markets and tax evasion, but also climate change, democratic deficits or organised crime: all demand collective answers.

  • We dream of and will fight for a prosperous Europe for the many and not the few, based on an innovative economy. One that successfully manages the transition to a more sustainable world.
  • We dream of and will fight for a social Europe, where rich member-states and wealthy citizens understand that their prosperity and security is unsustainable if the weakest are left behind.
  • We dream of and will fight for a fair Europe with proper regulation of financial markets. Where common social and tax legislation enables us to adequately finance our education and social security systems, but also policies to protect the environment and our common culture.
  • We dream of and will fight for a responsible Europe, pulling its weight around the world in ending conflicts and fighting global poverty.
  • We dream of and will fight for a modern Europe, with strong institutions, where national parliaments control their governments’ actions in Brussels to balance behind closed doors deals, and where the European parliament is an equal partner in addressing the crises.
  • We dream of and will fight for a democratic Europe, where national attempts to limit freedoms or individual rights, are not tolerated. We want our rights, as defined in the European Charter of fundamental rights, to be protected and enforced for every single one of us in all member-states.

We can, must, and will act now. We are initiating the Avanti Europe movement to:

  • Inject creativity and dynamism in the search for common answers to our common crises.
  • Fight for a united Europe that is democratic, just and prosperous. Both close to and cherished by its citizens.
  • Make European citizens’ voices heard in Brussels and in European capitals.
  • Fight against the emerging anti-European discourse.

We are independent and open, pragmatic but passionate. We are many. We just need to know one another and unite. To do so we will use the best traditional communications strategy and the latest modern campaigning tools.

The battle for our European dream has just begun. Join us to make this dream a reality!


for more info please visit: http://www.avantieurope.eu/


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