ANIAD (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Atleti Diabetici)

A.N.I.A.D. was born to improve the quality of life of diabetic people through exercise:
1) Educating diabetic people and those who take care of their role in the role of physical exercise in improving health
2) Creating opportunities for participation in recreational and amateur sports activities
3) Improving the ability of self-control and self-management among diabetic people able to do sports.
4) Improving clinical knowledge in healthcare professionals who have a relationship with sports  and diabetics.
5) Promoting and supporting the development of an exchange of information between diabetic athletes.
6) Fostering the birth of diabetic-driving in the field of sport whose model of life is an example to everyone else.
A.N.I.A.D encourage to spread sports activities among diabetic people and, when the physical abilities allow, even in the competitive sports; ANIAD encourage acceptance in the various sports federations of diabetic athletes and demonstrates that diabetes does not prevent normal insertion into society.
It organizes and / or participate nationally and internationally at sporting events between diabetic people and non-diabetics, providing first aid specialists if necessary; promotes initiatives, conferences, meetings and debates on the aims and activities of the association.
Its aim is helping to overcome some diabetes schools the idea that in type 1 diabetes, sporting activity at some level, should have a negative impact and collaborates with the other emanations of the International Diabetic Athletes Association, with all national and international Associations or Federations of diabetics or diabetologists and those interested in sports activities.
ANIAD sensitize and attract the attention of mass media, public authorities, industry or industry to the importance of sport in the prevention of diabetes and takes any other initiative that will be considered suitable for the pursuit of its goals.
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