The "LAND & COAST" is the new IACACT environmental project: L&C intends to carry out  activities related to ecology in order to raise awareness among young people and general audience. L&C aims to develop activities (educational, informative, recreational and communicative) on topics linked to climate change such like incorrect waste disposal, deforestation, pollution and much more. In depth L&C will develop with schools, Institutions, private sector and nonprofits:
  1. Question time: students will meet the representatives of the institutions, private world, associations and will address on sustainable development topics;
  2. School competition: students will create their own campaign on how to prevent climate change and IACACT will award the three best projects;
  3. Ecodays: IACACT will organize together with its partners eco-initiatives to plant and clean local areas;
  4. Awareness sustainable campaign;
  5. CSR. IACACT will organize 3 meetings with the world of entrepreneurship regarding CSR.
The pilot project will start in March 2019 and it has the objective of creating educational initiatives on the theme of ecology on an annual basis, in order to reduce the impact of the community on the territory, promoting knowledge on environmental problems and spread good ecological practices.