Building resilinecy to climate change in Western Kenya

The government of Nandi County is preparing to be among the first counties in Kenya to develop a climate change action plan. Wetlands ecosystems have not been spared the negative impacts of climate change. One such ecosystem is Kingwal wetland, an important breeding and feeding habitat for Grey Crowned Cranes located in Nandi County of Western Kenya. Kingwal wetland is among four project sites of the Kenya Crane and Wetlands Conservation Project. The other project sites are Kipsaina, Sio Siteko, and Lake Ol’ Bolossat.

Prolonged droughts and flooding are among the climate change related impacts adversely impacting Kingwal wetland and survival of Grey Crowned Cranes. At Kingwal, prolonged droughts have resulted in the wetland being used for dry season grazing, contributing to the opening up of the wetland due to the heavy presence of livestock. Besides degradation of the wetland, the livestock, and at times dogs that accompany herders, disturb breeding and feeding cranes. On the other extreme, flooding has resulted in crane nests being washed away.

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