Peacebuilding and Development Trainings

The Department of Peace Operations (DPO) and the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC) have provided customised programmes for UN missions and agencies all over the world, as well as for governments, negotiating parties, intergovernmental organisations, and local, national and international organisations working in peacebuilding, violence prevention, social cohesion, and post-war stabilisation, recovery and peace consolidation.

 Patrir is launching now the calendar of training programmes for the second half of 2017 and 2018. Trainings in 2017 include a series of Advanced Certificate Programmes at the IPDTC Global Academy in Cluj-Napoca, and Executive Leadership and Intensive Core skills Trainings in London. From January 2018 Patrir will also offer online programmes on addressing radicalisation and violent extremism and core skills for Designing Peacebuilding Programming for peacebuilding, mediation and prevention. 

 In October of this year Patrir is hosting the two Advanced Certificate Programmes:

  1. Making Prevention, Early Warning & Peacebuilding Effective: Lessons Learned, What Works in the Field and Core Skills
  2. Designing Peacebuilding Programmes: Improving the Quality, Impact and Effectiveness of Peacebuilding and Peace Support

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