Voice of a Volunteer

Jonas Riegel, 21, volunteer teacher at BHSOH Learning Center

Volunteering for Child’s Dream has been the highlight of my life so far. I am a volunteer teacher for a whole school year at BHSOH Learning Center, a Burmese migrant school in the area of Mae Sot in Thailand. I live in a boarding house near the school.

Many people ask me why I am doing this: giving up the comfortable life in Switzerland to live under simple conditions and teach for four hours a day without getting paid. And they are right: I don’t get any money. Instead, I get what money cannot buy. I get love, appreciation and lasting friendships. I get to see my students thrive and succeed and help them through difficult times. I get happiness. Because I have reason to be here, I am motivated every day. I used to be a rather lazy person, but here I am learning self-discipline. My commitment here is an incredible experience and an enrichment of my life.