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Nyaanga's story by Evans Magwe president of NCRC

Since Nyaanga’s father died by the bullet of cattle rusttlers, his family has struggled to survive severe hunger and abject poverty in their remote Nyabirongo village in Kuria West Districk in Kenya.

His mother cooks what little food they can find over an open fire on the floor of their one-room hut—but smoke fills the home, threatening their health.

“It makes it hard to breathe, and I cough a lot,” 8-year-old Nyaanga said. Sometimes the fire wood his mother use for cooking is gotten from trees which are termed as poisonus and it causes them so much health problems.

Freedom from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by Evans Magwe president of NCRC

NCRC is working to provide hope for girls such as Mary, above, and others caught up in the female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriages through safe houses, education and awareness programs, mentoring homes and more.

Gladys thought she was taking a baby sitting job, but ended up in a circumcission ceremony organized for her by her grand mother. Thanks to NCRC's orphan care programs, she now has a chance at a better future through job skills training.

World Bank Returns to Big Dams By Peter Bosshard

The World Bank, long the world’s most influential supporter of large dam construction in the global south, has announced its return to funding huge hydropower projects. After nearly two decades of caution, the Bank will join countries such as China and Brazil in funding a new generation of mega-dams, focusing especially on projects in the Congo, the Himalayas and the Zambezi Basin.