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Oxfam Italia COLTIVA: Scopri il marchio

Scopri il Marchio è una iniziativa della campagna di Oxfam Italia COLTIVA - il cibo, la vita, il pianeta, nata per dare vita ad mondo in cui ci sia abbastanza cibo per tutti, sempre. In questo momento, sulla terra, uno su 8 di noi soffre la fame - uno scandalo a cui, insieme, possiamo mettere fine.

Mekong Dams Put Cambodian Food Security At Risk by Ame Trandem

Cambodia's per capita consumption of inland fish is among the highest in the world and its people depend on fish for nearly three-quarters of their protein intake. But information released by the Cambodian Fisheries Administration (FiA) may be a game-changer for the future of the Mekong River. A report financed by the Danish development agency Danida, Oxfam and WWF shows how the combined effects of mainstream dams in Cambodia and population growth could reduce the country's consumption of fish from 49kg to as little as 22kg per person per year by 2030 that is an astounding 55% reduction.

Taking Power 4 People to the Doorsteps of the World Bank By Peter Bosshard- Policy Director of International Rivers

World Bank President, hear our plea: no more dirty energy! … No more mega-dams, that’s for sure – clean local energy for the poor! … Don’t return to the bad old days – building more dams is not the way!”  These were some of the chants finance ministers heard as they convened for the World Bank’s annual meeting in Washington DC on October 12. Some 60 activists from around the world had gathered at the Bank’s doorsteps on a grey and windy day to call for a shift from destructive fossil fuel and dam projects to clean local power for poor communities.